venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Who's that chick ?!

Oww, Heya my cutie cupcakes ?! How are you? I hope all it's fine.. yes yes !
It's 3.36 pm here and I'm drinkin a glass of wine ! Laawl ! x°D It's wine time somewhere around the World !
Btw, stop with those bullshits and let's have a look to those cutie news !
-BC- realised a gorgeous tube top in so many different colours, it realised a tube dress too but here I'll show only the top, for now ! :p
What about those cutie shoes ?! *_* Yes, I know.. I just reviewed them but I loove so much those wedges by N-core !
And yes, .Pekka. made a lot of funny news : piercing and tattoo and blood details ! Here you have new underlip plugs ! ;Q___ And what about necklace ?! *_* It's new Pepper necklace for Lazy Sunday !

Who's that chick ?!

HAIR : TRUTH HAIR Bea -  light blondes
SKIN : [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure
EYES : REPULSE - Noxious v2 Eyes (Blue) "OLD HUNT"
MAKE UP : .Pekka. LINE EYES (yellow) !NEW!
GLASSES : ::{K}Rea:: Old Nerd Glasses Leopard-white !NEW!
PIERCINGS : .Pekka. UnderLip Plugs !NEW!
TOP : -BC- Tube Top "Yellow" !NEW!
NECKLACE : ~Pepper~ Love Necklace !NEW Lazy Sunday!
NAILS : N-core Manicure !NEW!
SHORTS : AOHARU_BT_DenimShortPants_Blue 50%OFF

POSE : Purple Pose !NEW!

Who's that chick ?!

Thank you so much to : Kere Millar ({K}rea), Byrds Cale (BC Shapes), Danni Pfeffer (Pepper), Ekilem Melodie (MONS), Nuria Augapfel (N-core), Audrey Guter (Purple Pose)

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