martedì 2 agosto 2011

She's a Monster !

Morning, girls ! :D
Today something colourfull for you ! Yes, Yes.. I'm going to show you new releases from MONS ! Obviously Ekilem surprised us everytime much than before !
So, here a bodysuit that you could find in 3 different colours - Lime, Pink and Aqua - and there are two version available, that are transparent or normal !
What about the necklace ?
Aww yes, there are new necklaces from MONS ! Different versions and different colours for each ones of them !
And now, Enjoy babies :*

She's a Monster !

HAIR & HAIRBASE : *~*Damselfly*~*Morrisania Beach Beige
SKIN : :F: Alexandra . Fair . 02 !NEW!
MAKE UP : -Sorry.Asia- Taste It Lip Gloss (neon red) !NEW!
EYES : -Sorry.Asia- No Regrets eyes (white) Recent Release!
EYELASHES : -Sorry.Asia- Lashes -8-
BODYSUIT : MONS Colorfull Bodysuit -Transparent pink !NEW!
NECKLACE : MONS / Long Necklace Skull !NEW!
NAILS : Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Matte Pack 2
SHOES : Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Lime

POSES : Purple Pose

She's a Monster !

Thank you so much to : Lapik Perlman (Sorry.Asia), Alexandra Barcelos (Filthy), Ekilem Resident (MONS), Mikee Mokeev (MStyle), Audrey Guter (Purple Pose)

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