sabato 2 luglio 2011

My Zebra Bodysuit..

Hey ! Yep, I try again to use shadows on SL.. >.> but.. ok, let's have a look to the new stuffs.. It's better !! :p

MONS made a very chic and stylish body suit with zebra element, i really love it ! *-* The body suit is also available in other different colours : and in the short or long pant version !

CatWa made a new hairstyle, in all the colours and in two different version with or without locks of h
air on the forehead ! Don't miss them ! 

Thank you to : ekilem Resident (MONS), Catwa Clip (CaTwa), Andi Rage and Becks Ysabel (Glue Ink), Mikee Mokeev (MStyle) and Princess Briand (MuNiQuE) ! ♥♥

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