venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Happy Birthday Sorry.Asia ! ♥

Boys and Girls ! Pay attention to me, pleaaase !
Today is a very special day 'cause is Lapik Perlman (Sorry.Asia) birthday !
So I want to do my best wishes to you Lapik, I'm very glad to have known you, you are a great person first of all, it's an honour be your friend ! And, then.. you are a gorgeous designer, that everyone know ! 

Ok, ok.. so now stop talkin' and go get your stuff for the special  birthday sale ! 

Run, Run, Run !  

----> taxi to Sorry.Asia Mainstore !


Let's have a look to the new releases too ! Omg, Those eyes are .. OMG ! I really love that feline style, yep !
and what about the colours ?! Really Haaawt ! :Q_

EYES : -Sorry.Asia- Cry For Me [FULLPACK] !NEW!

A very special thanks to my dear friend Lapik, thaaanks for all ! And.. Thanks for your great stuffs.. ! And again my best wishes to you :* ♥

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