domenica 18 settembre 2011

I'm a survivor !

Hi girls ! There are cute news for you, and here I'm gonna show you new releases from *Crazy* that made a cute underwear set, called Zarzamora, it is sexy and cute at the same while and you can choose to wear on it a sheer jacket (not showed here but it comes with folder). News even from Pepper, this time Danni Pfeffer surprised us with a faun set ! And finally, Sorry.Asia realised a new add-on set, really amazing, it is called survivors. Let's have a look now !


HAIR : >TRUTH< Bronte -  black & whites !NEW!
SKIN : [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure
EYES : -Sorry.Asia- Cry.For.Me eyes (sand)
HORNS, TAIL :  part of ~Pepper~ Faun Set !NEW!
GARTER : ** Bitch Garter !NEW!
UNDERWEAR : *Crazy* Zarzamora Set !NEW!
FEET : SLink

POSE : Everglow

Sorry.Asia - SURVIVOR add-on (1)

Sorry.Asia - SURVIVOR add-on (2)

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