mercoledì 1 giugno 2011


Awww, Hello Fashionst !! *_* ! 
In this period I'm so busy in my RL for my studies but I'm trying to show you something anyway !

Here, a very cutie dress (created for GIEREH) from the Chic Boutique new collection and a wonderful creation by MONS, UNMISSABLE !


HAIR : !lamb. Lovelier Girl - Kit Kat old 50L$ Friday
DRESS : [GIEREH] - carol/dress/orange W/Resizer  for Chic Boutique !NEW!
SHOES : Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black Recent Release!

Let's have a look closer..



Thank you so much to : MONS Resident (MONS), Andi Rage and Becks Ysabel ([GLUE INK]), Divinna Ansar (Chic Boutique), Mikee Mokeev (MStyle) !

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