sabato 11 giugno 2011

*Mayden Couture* - Realistic Hands Woman

SKIN  al vulo- miha * black 2 claveage peach
HAIR  !lamb. Whoop Dee Doo - Powder
NECKLACE  -Sorry.Asia- Secret.Keys Necklace
TATTOO FACE   [GLUE INK] Zebra Face Tattoo
TATTOO  [GLUE-INK]~*Ink To Flesh Tattoo*~
PANTS [Kyoot] - Nonsensical Pants - Ah-nee-mal 1
GAG  [GLUE INK] Shush Gag 1
PIERCING Cobrahive - Gauged 03

FUcK !


HANDS   *Mayden Couture* - Realistic Hands Woman (NEW)

Thank u so much to Mayden Ushimawa ( *Mayden Couture* ) for your support :*

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