giovedì 30 giugno 2011

C'est MOI !

Oh well, girls and boys..! I've a very nice label to show you..! 

I found a cutie and very stylish store walking around ! I'm sure that more of you just know and just bought something from "C'est MOI" store, 'cause its stuffs are really gorgeous ! O_O !
Here you can find male and female stuffs, and you can make a delicious style ! So, let's have a look, I want to propose some of the new releases..!

POSES : Purple Pose SOOKIE !NEW! 

SOOKIE is a new pack of poses by Audrey Guter, they are so pretty ! *-* ! Omg, and.. you can buy them online on the marketplace or in world..! 
Another info, Purple Poses moves into a new location, it's enormous and it has got a very beautiful garden where you can stay or take some picks ! Go visit it ! 

A big thanks to : ekilem Resident (MONS), Lapik Perlman (Sorry.Asia), Mikee Mokeev (MStyle), Audrey Guter (Purple Pose) and a very special thanks to Marcantonio Beaumont (C'est MOI), great designer and great person ! :*

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