venerdì 3 giugno 2011


Heya Guys !
Today, I've a very interesting place to show you ! D: It's a new Land in urban/grunge Style and you MUST visit it !
So, here you can spend your time with friends, talking, dancing, listening music or taking cutie picks and more over!

I find some cutie angles to capture D: Let me show you something.. but not all !


[CHECK]MATE born for a specific reason : MUSIC !
Half sim divided into 6 parcels, including 4 at the corners of the earth, each of which has a club with a different genre of music.
-Area 1: house, commercial- etc.
-Area 2: hardcore/french/terror- etc.
-Area 3: techno- etc.
-Area 4: industrial, dubstep ebm ... etc. ..
-Also open stage for ... party dj, raves .. and more more and more !


Awww, I love CheckMate ! And what about you ?! Whate are you waiting for ?!? D:


( Styling card in the next post )

Come Here ! 
(Check)Mate :::MultiSoundArea:::

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