sabato 18 giugno 2011

It's time for cupcakes ! ♥

Good Morning my darlings ! How are you? This week-end I've a very delicious news to show You ! 

-> Pepper : Oh yes, Danni does a very great work ! I love so much her new creations, I love so much the cupcakes series ! You MUST to check it ! You can't miss..!

-> Glue Ink : Andi Rage and Becks Ysabel made some cutie stuffs, obviously others great tattoo and a very cutie, sexy and stylish undies ! Omg, look ! 

-> Ninu : Hlin Bluebird made another lil' diamond ! This time is not for al Vulo but for a store named Ninu ! This skin is a new version of Miha ! 


HAIR : .+*HS*+. Hair Color Sample Blond GIFT !
SKIN : al vulo- miha 2 * pink claveage peach AL VULO for NINU !
EYES : [yuKis] STAR Eyes Blue Green  (Stars r in the white of the eye)
PLUGS : ~Pepper~ Plugs Leo bw Recent Release!
ON MOUTH : ~Pepper~ Sweet Cupcake Mouthie !NEW!
UPPER TATTOO : [GLUE INK] *~Punked sleave tattoo~* !NEW!
NECKLACE : ~Pepper~ Sweet Cupcake Necklace !NEW!
TAPE : Djunk band-aid pink 2 - not still available -
RING : ~Pepper~ Sweet Cupcake Ring !NEW!
NAILS : Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Atomic Citron
UNDER TATTOO 1 : [GLUE INK] Fly Away Blossom Tatt Recent Release!
UNDER TATTOO 2 : REPULSE - Infected Stomach Wound Tattoo DFH HUNT !
UNDIES : [GLUE INK] Lil Undies (pink) !NEW!
SHOES : Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Aureolin


Thank you, thank you, thaank you to : Andi Rage and Becks Ysabel (Glue Ink), Danni Pfeffer (Pepper), Mikee Mokeev (MStyle), Hlin Bluebird (AL VULO!) !

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