sabato 30 aprile 2011

News from BehaviorBody

I'm so happy: the new AO animations set by BehaviorBodyis is out!

Model XXX is a complete AO set of 40 new animations, motion captured and hand-drawn.
It's perfect for women who like smooth animations. The standings animations are perfect for who wear pants or system skirts. The animations transitions are perfect between the standings and there's no wrong moving around. Your avi can be always in the same spot and it won't have ugly movemenst when you start to walk.

Model AO XXX content:

-9 animated standings (motion capture and handrawned)
-9 different walks motion capture
-2 animated sits - 1 sitting on the ground
-complete cycle for jump ( 3 animations) fly ( 4 animations ) swim (3 anims) run
-auto-update included for life

Available at

Thanks to Antosperandeo Allen!

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