venerdì 22 aprile 2011

Bella iniziativa di Schoen

Ricevo e pubblico volentierissimo una bella notecard da parte di Saya Littlething, creatrice di Schoen, brand che ho scoperto alla FFL.

Saya mi scrive:

"Gebet" is German of the meaning "Prayer".
I put the prayer and made this dressing gown.
This dressing gown is free. However, this is not a mere free item.
I think that I wants you to donate in RL(real money) a fund when you like this dress even a little.
It might be small power one by one. However, if it’s consolidated, it's changes into big power.
Your geniality becomes everyone's power.

Thank you.
Schön / Saya Littlething

- Why is it free?
The grave responsibility accompanies the thing “I keep money from you”.
and I think… I want you to donate in the real world.
Of course, I don’t deny the contribution in the In-world.
However, amounts of money that piece person of me collects are insignificant things.
Therefore, it made it to the product of such a stance this time.
“This item is free. Instead, please donate a fund in the real world when you like this.”
There might be a person who doesn’t donate in RL of course only in “Free! Yay!” either.
There will be such a person, too. However, there is a person who agrees to the outline.
I’m wishing that a lot of power reaches the stricken area.

[Donate site] (FYI)
Twitter (English)
Minimum donation amount is $10. "

Ed ecco a voi... GEBET in colore azzurro


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Thanks designers!

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