lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Look at me !

This evening, I want to delight you with some delicious creations of Mikee Mokeev (MStyle)! Obviously they are accompanied by a MUST of the Al Vulo skins, Lalli.

SKIN : Al Vulo! Lalli - summer 2 - milk
SHAPE: Al Vulo! Lalli
HAIR: .+*HS*+. Hair ::KIMY:: Blond (Move for F of Japan)
LEGGINGS : *COCO* ShinyLeggings GIFT
SHOES : Mstyle XIAOYI Wedges - White Zebra !NEW!
The shoes come with a wearable HUD, which will allow you to easily match your skin & socks color!

I give you a focus on necklace and nails..

Necklace is also available in two other different colours: Gold and Silver.
The nails are in 3 default sizes perfectly fited for hand size 10, 20, 30, or you can fit the nails to Your own hand size by resizer menu, incuded.
Available nail colors in pack: 36.  - you can also change the colour of the nail one by one-
You can change the ring colour, hide/show mphone and cigarette !

SKIN : Al Vulo! Lalli - red - milk
NAILS : Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails v1.2
NECKLACE: Mstyle Ribbon Necklace - B&W

Thank you so much to my friends Mikee Mokeev (MStyle) and Hlin Bluebird (AL VULO!)

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