mercoledì 5 gennaio 2011


La Malvada Mujer

SKIN   :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Porcelain-Bare/Bone
EYES   Xquisite Gold by Del May  ( Free Gift )
EYES MAKEUP  La Malvada Mujer - The beam In The eye #1
EARS  :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Porcelain
HELMET  Frank's Tampon VIking Helmet (for girls)
TATTOO CUBE  La Malvada Mujer - Cubico 2
BOOBS  La Malvada Mujer - Nuclear Boobs  ( FOR SALE ONLY TO  Twomoons Island - MiaSnow land )
TATTOO HANDS La Malvada Mujer - La mano / black
TATTOO CHEST  La Malvada Mujer -the soldier on big maneuvers

Faina Cortes ... your creations are original and really cool at a price unmatched. 
Thanks .

And Special thanks to Aikea Rieko ( The Plastik ) for your great support :))

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