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What your looking for!!

Hey all Fashion Freaks has a New Hunt comming up! Check it out

The hunt where anything goes!! 

Starting January 1st and going on till the 31st!
Here are the players in the hunt! Keep your eyes out for more information as it comes! 

Order     Store Name 


Look on a shelf
Warm me up  
Milla, Milla on the wall who is the prettiest of them all? 
my my my delilah...she has your prize 
Look where the window is 
Fame...Everybody wants some!  
Whatever-everyone needs a little lust  
If you really want to find me, you'll have to look in accessories 
Potted and pretty as can be .... Take me now as I am free  

FWH 18    Bombshell Outfitters 

Comfy cozy in the mens sweats!
I am among the shoes
***PLEASE READ*** Part of the AZOURY store is in mesh requires mesh compatible viewers to see the item properly. Please , update your viewer if you do not have this function . 
Look for last dummy  
Check out the shelves 
look at the bird 
around the corner 
This W is a wild M ! .. Oo 
Click here for updates!   
FWH 28    [Acide!]    
FWH 29    [Katsucide]    
I love watching the fish in a bowl! ;)  
Look at Jewellery section "Rose Heart" vendor. 
In Style  
Sit down, lets eat! 
It is Nicely Shaved There 
Examine your jean outfit  
Here come the bride.... 
The way is up while I stay down here. 
Could be mistaken for a bird 
" You can find me in the Tops " 
Listen to the Music ♪♫  
Hun, where did you say you put the newspapers?  
Use Store Hint Giver 
Use Store Hint Giver 
FWH 48    Xplosion
Hey Panda!  

FWH 51    ❀::GLEAM::

Don't be a lazy boy 
Down & Out with the trash!  
Neon freak! 

FWH 55    .:DragonLady's Closet:.

look at yourself with pride! 
Brrr... it's cold over here 
I see the light! 
FWH 60 Kabuki
FWH 62  Sassy
look where they are behind the tongues
Ask Chloe to give you the gift! 

Waht things beging with "W", well, that would be where I'm waiting 
Tyako loves this hunt so much! 
Look at the shoes 
"Behind the curtains" (womans)
got thirst ? (mens) 
I sit above TinK 
Only the snowman has seen, where i hid my  treasure.   
"What's new?" 
"next to an object that reflects light" 
I do not see anything. 
Time to relax and read a book   
that pretty frame! oh are pink 
"Was that box near the rat from some place named W?" 
The store is a mess but let your imagination bring you in a tidy part and there you'll find your treasure. 
Have a look by the tv 
FWH 90   [SM:USH] 
Do you sit comfy? 
W is in the wood shop and climbs like a spider lilac Jewelry!   


 the things that are soft and cuddlely and keeps you warm in winter 

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