mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

A place to visit.... Arte Libera


Il Giardino di Arte Libera in Nonsense

Arte Libera was born in march 2007, by a project of Simba Schumann, in cooperation with Saint Torok.
It offers a locations for the people that wants to communicate an idea in sl, an emotions or a dream through art, but it hopes, on the other hand, to bring art to all those who want to be captured by that idea, that emotion or that dream... Arte Libera is open to every kind of art, not only sl art.
Today it is proud to be back to the artists who exhibited for the first time, like Massimo Blinker, who opens its activity with his first exhibit of sl pictures, Costantino, famous for his real photos of venetians masks, Marco Grockle, Claudio Rau, Storm Blauvelt.... But there are many international artists brought from Arte Libera to the italian public: the spanish Noke Yuitza, the argentinian Luciella Lutrova, the french Artistide Desprees, the hollands Rose Borchovski and Peter Okame....
Arte Libera has had many locations, now it is a gipsy cove at Nonsense, where it has addes a new exposit space, named “Il Giardino di Arte Libera”, a gotic garden where art becomes particularly.
Many people collaborate with Arte Libera and Simba Schumann, like Saint Torok, who left the group a year later the beginning, Pino Heron, who is the ufficial scripter, Massimo Blinker, the builder of the gipsy cove, and from many mounth the co-owner Storm Blauvelt.
There are many other artists who exhibit for Arte Libera, in digital or real art. We remember Christower Dae, Sigfrido Benelli, DeaAthena Helendale, Aguilaquebrada, Tonu Noorits, Phalbo Waltuch, Blues Thor, Naky Neox, Elias Parx (with an original exhibit about underwater pics located under the sea), ErnestHenryShackleton Magic, Prajna Seetan ; Riri Bazar and many others. Finally it is important remember the first Roberto Kusterle's exhibit in sl, ufficially authorized by the real author, and organized in cooperaton with the Milan's real Mc2 Art Gallery and the AS Modern Art Museum of Alexy Solo in sl.

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