sabato 21 marzo 2009

Casual Day

(click on image to view the large version)

Skin: Kat 03 Nougat Glow Skin By Laqroki 
Eyes: Blue Crush by Ema's Secret
Top: Material Girl Bustier - Gun By Fishy Strawberry
Jeans Scarf: Aniseed Jeans Scarf Black By MALT
Pants: Distressed Denim - Dark By Fishy Strawberry
Boots: NC-Suade and chains boot Purple By Luskwood
Hair: Penny Ginger red By Goldie Locks
Necklace: Silver and pink beads By Cihuaè
Bracelets: Silver and pink beads By Cihuaè
Earrings: Silver and pink beads By Cihuaè
Sunglasses: Be Social Shades: Pearl White By aKai

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